Just who the heck are we?

This is the main page of the Albany, NY tree of the Gawne family descended from James' Gawne's Son, John Oakley Gawne who came from the Northern island Gawne's at Ballacourage in Ballaugh County. And yes, we did own some of the Curraghs where the nature park is now. The name Gawne means smith in the Manx Manx language. So much for being obscure and special. 

Gawne is one of the 50 most important names from the Isle of Mann (in the middle of the Irish Sea) famous for cats, motorcycle races, really neat stamps, cool coins, kippers, four horned sheep, and Victorian holiday outings. The Isle of Mann is the oldest continually operating democracy on Earth having celebrated over 1,000 years of democratic government.

But hey! where else can you get a ride in a Victorian Horse drawn Tram along the seaside, then latyer go visit the old horses at their retirment farm!

In WW1 more British Servicemen came from the IOM (by population) than any other area of the UK. Of course the Bee Gees were also from the Island, leading to not only Bee Gees stamps, but a Bee Gees coin as well!


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